Our products have been used in many different sectors for various applications, and one area of particular interest is the pharma industry.

You can use our Shadow Dexterous Hand to perform intricate lab work, whilst our Smart Grasping System can carry out more generic tasks. Our Hands can be used in environments where it may not be safe for humans.

With the addition of the CyberGlove, pharma technicians can remotely control the movements of the Hand, giving them greater accuracy over the Hand’s performance – perfect if you’re undertaking precise and detailed work.

Archive footage of the CyberGlove and our Dexterous Hand

Our Smart Grasping System is the perfect solution to manufacturing issues, as it is built with ‘intelligence’. It can sense objects as it approaches them, interprets what type of object they are, and selects the correct grasp to pick it up successfully. This also eliminates unnecessary human cost as humans have often been required to ‘babysit’ or to assist machines by performing low level tasks (loading and unloading for example). With the SGS, humans can be deployed elsewhere on higher-level tasks as the Smart Grasper Hands will be able to perform the low level tasks itself.

If you’re interested in any of our state of the art Hands or would like an informal chat about how our products and expertise could help you in the pharmaceutical industry, feel free to drop us a line on +44 (0)20 7700 2487 or email