Product testing

Product Testing

The Shadow Dexterous Hand is perfect for product testing.

If you’re looking to gather data about your product, then you may need a Hand that has tactile sensors. We’ve partnered with the best in the business, meaning your Hand can be fitted with either Syntouch LLC’s BioTac ® sensors, Optoforce sensors or ATI Nano sensors.

Having a Hand with highly detailed tactile sensing capabilities means that your robotic Hand will detect the full range of sensory information that human fingers do, monitoring force, micro-vibration and temperature sensing. Data from the sensors is fully integrated and available via the same EtherCAT interface as other sensors. Shadow provides full integration with this option.


Raw data collected from the BioTac sensors include:

  • Voltages on impedance sensing electrodes
  • Absolute fluid pressure (DC Pressure)
  • Dynamic fluid pressure = vibration (AC Pressure)
  • Temperature (DC Temperature)
  • Heat flow (AC Temperature)
  • Signal processing of these data enables the BioTac to do many things that humans can do by touch, such as:
      • Determine point of contact
      • Estimate tri-axial forces
      • Estimate radius of curvature of a contacted object
      • Discriminate edges, corners, and flat surfaces
      • Sense initial contact, with a remarkably high sensitivity
      • Detect slip
      • Discriminate objects based on their texture
      • Discriminate objects based on their compliance
      • Discriminate objects based on their thermal properties

The Shadow Dexterous Hand has been integrated with a number of different robot arms; this system offers an integrated and ready-to-use Hand/Arm open platform using the UR5 or UR10 Robot Arm (6-DoF) that will allow you full access to the whole system via ROS.

Often our clients who use the hand for product testing require the our CyberGlove. Containing 22 sensors, the CyberGlove provides an intuitive way to control the Shadow Hand. By mapping the positions of the sensors on the CyberGlove to those on the Shadow Hand, the joint positions of the Hand can be set to mimic that of the operator wearing the CyberGlove.

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