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    We've been working on the challenge of robot dexterity for over 20 years

    Our Dexterous Hand is the most advanced robot hand available, with options to meet a broad range of requirements and budgets

    We have a long history of working with academic institutions and industry to accelerate research and drive innovation

    Every robot is built to order and tailored to meet your needs

    Our team is available at every stage of the process to offer consultancy and support, ensuring the success of your project


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    Dexterous Hand Series

    shadow dexterous hand and shadow glove on a hand beside each other

    Dexterous Hand & Glove

    "hands up" shadow teleoperation system mimicking the movement of the operator in the background
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    Getting Data from Humans to Robots

    Humans excel at manual tasks, and that ideally, robots should surpass us in these functions. At times, we have the advantage due to our superior dexterity, while in other instances, we can perform tasks that robots should, in theory, be capable of.
    As we advance robotics our goal is to effectively transfer our human skills to robots.

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    How Does a Robotic Manipulator Work?

    A robotic manipulator — or robotic arm — is an electronically controlled component with several segments to allow movement. Here’s a closer look at how they function and why people design them in particular ways.

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    Simulating the Shadow Hand

    Running a physical robot carries costs and risks – so why not make life easier by getting things working in simulation first?

    In that vein, let’s see how we can support you to simulate the Shadow Hand.

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