A Greener Future

A Greener Future


From sourcing materials, building our tech and shipping our robots worldwide as well as travelling to events all over the globe, we know there is no place for short-sightedness when it comes to protecting our environment and sustaining our future. The climate crisis is a human issue, and we’re a robot company with a human approach.

Here are some of the steps we’re taking to be more environmentally friendly and to help reduce our carbon footprint within the office:

  • Moving to Ecotricity – the world’s first green electricity company
  • Encouraging employees to cycle to work when possible
  • Ensuring that our tech, lights, and appliances are unplugged at the end of each day
  • Having a clear recycling policy including the correct disposal/ reuse of computers and other hardware
  • No disposable plastic plates, straws, or cutlery
  • Ordering work lunches from more eco-packaging suppliers
  • Printing resourcefully, double-sided, smaller fonts and on chlorine-free recycled paper
  • Using more eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Buying from more eco-friendly stationery suppliers
  • Dotting air-purifying plants all over the office


Partnering with Three C02 Offsetting Charities

We are in partnership with Woodland Trust, Trees for Cities and Carbon Footprint Ltd. This partnership aims to commit and work towards carbon neutrality, increase our energy efficiency, switch to more renewable energy sources, monitor our carbon footprint and offset unavoidable emissions.

In 2019, we offset the following tonnes of carbon dioxide:

Woodland Trust: 50 tonnes 

Trees for Cities: 62.60 tonnes 

Carbon Footprint: 37.65 tonnes  

We hope to publish results from 2020, but we’re aware it’ll be a strange year due to COVID-19. 


It’s Ongoing Work:

These are small stepping-stones, and we’re by no means ready to go carbon-neutral or “net-zero”, but we are working on it and are open to speaking to businesses that can help.