CALL FOR TENDERS: DevOps Contractor/Consultancy

It’s an exciting time here at the Shadow Robot Company, as we’re in a stage of growth and development. As part of our development, we’re looking for someone, or an organisation, to work on a fixed project to migrate the current company infrastructure to a Hybrid approach. In this architecture, part of the servers will be on premises and the other part will be in the cloud.

Technical requirements

  • Python
  • Ansible 
  • Kubernetes / Docker 
  • Google Cloud or AWS
  • Ubuntu snaps – desirable

Work description

Your main task would be to build Hybrid infrastructure (both local and in the cloud) with the following features:

  • 98% of nodes in infrastructure will be in cloud running as Docker container in the swarm
    • Data will be stored outside of containers and will be backed up.
    • If Docker container is down watchdog will start new one which is using the same data and kill an old one
  • Balance system (local vs cloud) according to cloud pricing model and provide estimation of monthly system cost in the cloud
  • Create and migrate our different private github projects to gitlab community edition (with docker registry)
  • CI on  google cloud and local server(s) (Jenkins or Gitlab CI)
  • Possibility to extend or migrate our servers from local to cloud (or vice versa)
  • Data safety (backups and redundancy)
  • Access control: possibility to connect customers to private gitlab / docker registry / CI
  • Good enough transfer/accessibility
  • HW prescription and set up

Timescales and a fee for the work can be discussed in due course. In terms of location, our office is based in London, however, there is potential for the right contractor to work remotely.

If you are interested or have any queries, please email us in the first instance at