GSC: Capabilities

Intelligent, autonomous grasping for Dexterous Hands

The Grasp Stability and Control (GSC) project is adding new capabilities to the Shadow Dexterous Hands.

Software development in GSC now provides Shadow Hands with the following capabilities out of the box:

  • Automatic grasping for most common objects using 3d vision: you can redeploy on new products in minutes
  • Performance can be improved on critical objects with simple on-line training: even complex objects can be handled  easily
  • Robust on-line grasp stabilisation: objects won’t slip out or be dislodged
  • On-line pose estimation speeds grasping and manipulation tasks
  • Intelligence Inside: no operator training needed to set up the system

All these functions are seamlessly integrated into the Shadow Hand ROS stack.

If this sounds interesting for your work, then please e-mail

As we develop the GSC software packages there are opportunities to adapt these capabilities for your requirements – if they are complex or challenging, then we would also like to hear from you: please e-mail

The GSC Project is part funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s Innovation Agency.

The GSC Project is a collaboration between Shadow and Dr. Hongbin Liu of the Centre for Robotics Research, King’s College London.