Almost all of the capability of a Dexterous Hand in a smaller, lighter, cheaper package. The Hand-Lite is available to buy now – please email us or fill in this contact form to discuss pricing and options.

  • 13 Degrees of Freedom across 16 Joints:
    Independent control of each finger for high dexterity
    3 Fingers: each with 3 Degrees of Freedom (DoF)
    Thumb: 4 DoF
    (No wrist or little finger)
  • Weight: 2.4 Kg, Payload 4 Kg.
    10N force at the finger tips makes Hand-Lite able to handle a wide range of objects
  • Compact:
    Smaller and lighter than the Shadow Dexterous Hand – Fits a wider range of platforms
  • EtherCAT Communications:
    100Mbps bus for fast data sampling and control loops
  • ROS:
    Fully supported in ROS – The Robot Operating System (www.ros.org)
  • Sensors:
    16 joint position sensors, 26 tendon strain gauges, 13 motor current and temperature sensors: plenty of sensor data for multiple configurations and experiments.
  • Tactile Sensing:
    Fingertip single channel analog response sensors included as standard. Hand Lite can be upgraded with a number of other tactile sensor options (e.g. Syntouch’s BioTac®)
  • Integration:
    The lighter Hand Lite can be integrated on  a wider variety of robot arms. Mounting plates for attachment are included.
Hand Lite Dimensions
All units in mm

The new Shadow Hand Lite puts the full dexterity of the Shadow Hand design into a smaller, lighter, and cheaper package. By removing a finger and the wrist, and shrinking the forearm, Shadow’s engineers have produced a compact yet highly capable dexterous manipulator for the wider world. This new Hand has been developed to bring dexterity and manipulation to areas where five-fingered motion is not needed, but the flexibility and dexterity of the human hand is desired.

Download the Shadow Hand Lite Tech Spec.

The Hand-Lite is available now – email us or fill in this contact form to arrange your new Hand!