Live Demo: Telerobots for Pharma

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Anyone interested in the use of telerobots in pharma or lab applications in general. 

We’ll be there to answer any questions you have so while you may not be looking at deployment now, it would still be good to drop by and get a sense of what our technology can do and how it can help the pharma industry.

Feel free to forward this to your contacts who may be interested too!


Our engineer, Joanna Philips will demonstrate pharma tasks carried out by our telerobots. You’ll see the telerobot use tools like pincers, pipettes, scissors, etc. to manipulate fragile lab objects and we’ll be answering your questions live. Here’s our agenda:

10-15 minutes – Presentation around our current Pharma activities

20 minutes – Live demo

25-30 minutes – Q&A



Thursday, 11th November 2021 at 4 pm (GMT)



We’ll be streaming from our London HQ. 

You can join from the comfort of wherever you are. Pets are welcome.


Watch on Vimeo.

Here’s the link to join: 

Live Demo Lead – Radhika Gudipati

Radhika holds a PhD in Robotics from University of Hertfordshire and has been in the world of Robotics, AI and DeepTech for the last 12 years in various roles as a research consultant, subject matter expert, innovation lead and more! She is the Business Development Manager at Shadow Robot and is actively involved in the euRobotics community in steering the robotics roadmap along with being a STEM ambassador and mentor for young entrepreneurs.

How is Radhika helping with telerobots for Pharma? 

“Witnessing the journey of our Telerobot has been one of my best highlights. It started off from a telepresence avatar as a concept to then progressing into commercial markets solving difficult, distant and dangerous applications. The progress we are making in the pharma vaccine/drug manufacturing is quite exciting and we’d love to share it with you!”

–  Radhika Gudipati, Business Development Manager at Shadow Robot

For any questions around our demo, please email:

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