Introducing our live streaming series: #TeleoperationThursdays

We’ll be live streaming our new Shadow Teleoperation System every Thursday for a limited time only, don’t miss it!

Our live stream returns next week - Thurs 4th March

To watch a replay from Thurs 25th Feb, enter your email and skip to 04.05 where we officially start.



We particularly encourage anyone in robotics research to tune in and for industries looking to make work safer for workers such as those in nuclear decommissioning and pharma labs. 

If you’ve been thinking about deploying robots in your company for a while now, this is a great opportunity to see the capabilities that robotics and teleoperation can provide. 


We’ll be showing you our new Shadow Teleoperation System, a revolutionary piece of technology that allows operators to control the robot Hands remotely (from the comfort of their home or even cross-country) and complete dexterous tasks without physically being there.

We’ll be performing a range of tasks so that you can get a sense of the dexterity involved. 


Every Thursday for a limited time only. 

Our next live stream is on Thurs 4th March 2021. We will confirm the times shortly. Each live stream will last around 20 minutes. 

Thursdays no good for you? Get in touch with us. 

We value your feedback. If you would like to see any specific tasks, please drop us a line!


We’ll be showing you the tech from our Headquarters in London, UK!

Tune in from wherever you are in the world!


You can join us virtually! Choose one from the following:

1. Watch on this page. See “Watch Here” above.

2. Watch on Vimeo’s platform:


It’s your chance to see our teleoperation technology in action without appointments or signing-up in advance and you’ll get to find out if it’s what you need for your research or industry. 

We’ll be answering questions along the way. Drop in and out as you please.


Save the date along with the joining link in your calendar and/or bookmark this page for reference. 

Share this page with your friends in robotic research or those in risky jobs that could benefit from teleoperation! 

For any questions regarding #TeleoperationThursdays, please use our contact form to get in touch or alternatively, email using on