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Advanced Manufacturing Solutions or Co-Bots

  • Advanced technology
  • Dexterous manipulation to pick up a range of objects

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Collaborative projects

Cognitively Enhanced Robot for Flexible Manufacturing of Metal and Composite Parts (COROMA)

The COROMA project developed a cognitively enhanced robot that can execute multiple tasks for the manufacturing of metal and composite parts. COROMA provides the flexibility that European metalworking and advanced material manufacturing companies require to compete in the rapidly evolving global market. It was here that Shadow developed the Modular Grasper (a three-fingered robot supported by the European Commission).

Collaborative projects

Smart Enabling Robotic Driving Free Form Welding (SERFOW)

The SERFOW project aimed to produce a flexible and dynamic free-form welding system (for the repair and manufacture of high-value aerospace and nuclear industry components) that can provide low-cost additive manufacturing support. The platform can identify individual parts using an advanced stereo camera system, which partners with a robotic arm and TIG welding set to produce an intelligent and flexible manufacturing platform. It showed that the repair and manufacture of high-value aerospace and nuclear industry components on short time scales, at low-cost, can be achievable. You can read more about the SERFOW project here.

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