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Pharmaceuticals & Biomedical

No More Tedious Lab Tasks, Complex Risk Management and Costly Contamination Issues

  • For repetitive and mundane tasks
  • Product testing
  • Material handling
  • Sampling and quality control
  • Inspection

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Automating Procedures & Remote Diagnosis

We’ve worked with GSK around lab automation and we’re currently working with a leading medical centre in the US around remote diagnosis tasks as well as a leading pharma giant based in Belgium (a name well-known around the world).

Proof of concept

Material Handling for A Multinational Pharma Giant

We’re discussing their critical challenges in isolator tasks within aseptic manufacturing that can benefit from our teleoperation technology as well as demonstrating our technology in a mock-up environment. They are willing to support Shadow’s Technology Development as a supporting end-user partner sharing their expertise and knowledge in aseptic manufacturing.

Proof of concept

Inspection for Another Multinational Pharma Giant

This pharma giant contacted us with their challenges in their diabetic product manufacturing process. The automated process takes place at low temperatures. It requires a human operator to monitor the entire process from start to finish so that they can revive the system in case of an accident or emergency (e.g., broken cartridge) which is not only costly but brings the whole production line to a halt. Our teleoperation technology can remove this constraint and flag an alarm as soon as a human operator’s attention is needed, and the repair can take place from a remote location without the operator having to travel down.

Proof of concept

Sampling and Quality Control for Two Global Pioneers in Pharmaceuticals

One of the multinational healthcare companies has identified use cases that can benefit separating humans from the actual task and enabling remote execution using our teleoperation technology. Similarly, the second pharma company is looking to distance humans when carrying out containment content inspection tasks which contain active substances that are potentially hazardous to humans and the environment. Our technology ensures the contents are free of human contamination.

We’re here if you’d like to discuss more around our remote teleoperation systems.

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