Modular Grasper

Introducing the NEW Modular Grasper

An affordable yet comprehensive grasper to help meet your grasping needs


Features include:

  • 9 DOF
  • 3x identical finger modules
  • 10N continuous normal force per fingertip
  • Finger tips can be changed to different shapes
  • Flesh (e.g. silicone) on the inner surfaces of fingers
  • Current and temperature sensing of motors
  • Base rotation, proximal, distal joint
  • Position sensing at each joint (1kHz position control)
  • DC Motors (Small, quiet and great torque-density from leading manufacturer maxon)
  • Torque sensing at each joint via series elastic actuator (10kHz torque control)
  • EtherCAT fieldbus
  • Automatic calibration
  • Inherent compliance – back-drivable gearbox
  • Large input voltage range (22-72v, customisable)
  • Mounting plate for standard robot arms
  • Library of standard grasps
  • In-hand camera (optional)
  • Payload 2kg
  • Weight 2.7kg
  • Quick to assemble

If you’re looking for a grasper that is versatile and robust, the Modular Grasper is for you and available to purchase. If you’re looking for a grasper as part of a wider structure with more advanced capabilities, check out our Smart Grasping System® (currently in development) which uses the Modular Grasper as the main component.

For more information and tech specs for the Modular Grasper, please get in touch with us by emailing or via this contact form.