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The Alpha Glovebox Decommissioning Challenge is a highly skilled project exploring how to use lasers and autonomous grasping to cut up – and dispose of – decommissioned gloveboxes that have become contaminated with alpha emitters. Current cutting and disposing of contaminated alpha boxes are very much a manual process. Our solution not only provides a layer of safety between the operator and the task, but it also helps to keep costs down and create more environmentally friendly operations leading to safer, faster, and cheaper nuclear decommissioning.

The Alpha Glovebox project enabled us to take our hardware and explore it further within realistic decommissioning scenarios. Since then, we examined the effect of radiation on our tech, the use of vision and improved dexterity within automatic grasping. We have applied the learnings to our Tactile Telerobot (a collaboration between SynTouch and HaptX, funded and facilitated by ANA) which is the world’s first haptic telerobot hand and the forerunner of today’s most advanced remote systems! Read more about deploying the Tactile Telerobot in Nuclear Decommissioning.

Read more in our Alpha Glovebox news post.

Date: 2018-2019

Funded by: Innovate UK (No: 2124)

Lead: National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

Partners: Shadow Robot Company (SRC), University of Strathclyde, The Welding Institute (TWI), Industrial 3D Robotics (I3D)

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