A question we are asked often here at Shadow Robot is: do you make prosthetic hands? And our answer is, in a word, no.

Our work over the years has been solely focused on cutting edge robotics for research and industrial application. In the future we may diversify and expand our reach, but we know that won’t be in the field of prosthetics.

We’ve been fortunate to come across many brilliant companies who make prosthetics, and we’d recommend the following:

1) Open Bionics

Open Bionics prosthetics are specifically for children. They’re based in Bristol, UK, and specialise in making low cost bionic hands. They have some really cool designs (Disney gave them a free licence to make Iron Man, Frozen and Star Wars themed arms…), they’re well worth getting in touch with.

2) Touch Bionics

Touch Bionics are specialists in myoelectric hand and finger prosthetics, as well as realistic silicone prostheses that are designed to closely match the skin of the wearer. Their UK base is in Scotland. The hands are able to perform different grasps, and you can even control the grasp through an app on your phone.

3) Ottobock

Ottobock provide prosthetic limbs, orthotic supports and wheelchairs that facilitate independence. They’ve been a partner of the Paralympics for over 25 years and also specialise in sports prosthesis.