Remote Maintenance

Remote Robot for Remote Maintenance Tasks

More and more companies are turning to robotics for maintenance and emergency tasks particularly for places that aren’t easy to get to. It may require a technician or engineer hours to reach the problem site in which case, the costs of downtime skyrocket.

If you’re looking for a robot that can carry out maintenance tasks, our teleoperation systems can give you just that. Think of it as remote hands, able to perform tasks, without you having to be there on-location. You’re still in full control, as the robot hands will replicate your hand movements. You can control the robot from anywhere you like, even from home which is a much safer and environmentally-friendly approach.

We know remote robot hands are critical right now across a range of industries given the pandemic. A teleoperated robot would mean you can still fix issues associated with downtime such as power outages while keeping workers safe and able to work from home. euRobotics and the European Commission have reached out to us while acknowledging the benefits this tech could bring. It is available to purchase now.

Once set-up, the robot remains on-site and you’ll have 24/7 access. You’ll no longer have to panic and find a worker to rush down to the location just to flip a switch particularly if it’s the middle of the night! Our robot can carry out a range of emergency tasks and because a key component is our Shadow Dexterous Hand, a humanoid hand, you’ll find it intuitive to use.

Whatsmore, the robot can come with haptic feedback and sensors so that you can “feel” what the remote robot hands are touching. This allows for better precision and accuracy when carrying out specific maintenance tasks, including tasks that may need more intricate work.

We’re based in the UK and in Spain but we ship our robot hands and systems worldwide. We encourage those who are looking for remote maintenance robots to get in touch and we can arrange a demo.

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