Research Collaborations

Research Collaborations: Complex Builds Through Collective Skills

Why Collaborate with Us?

We’ve been pushing the boundaries within the robotics industry for over 20 years, and we’re still as passionate as ever about using robotics to solve real-world problems, that are unachieved before. We participate in many European projects such as those funded by H2020 and Innovate UK and are excited to take on projects that fit within our roadmap.

By collaborating with us, you have access to:

• The world’s most advanced technology (we own the relevant IP)
• In-depth market knowledge and industry insights
• A team of experts re-inventing innovation
• A strong network of thought leaders
• Smart robotics engineering (from mechanical to software)
• A passion for robots that solve a solution or provide a meaningful purpose

If you prefer that we provide a more advisory role to your project, please visit our Consulting Page.

Key Areas for Collaboration

  • Virtual reality, Avatars
  • Nuclear
  • Pharma, Biomedical
  • Space
  • Teleoperation
  • Smart Grasping, Motion Planning
  • Deep-sea
  • 5G, Big Data
  • Manufacturing, Industry 4.0
  • Agriculture
  • Construction

A Selection of Our Collaborative Projects

Click on the title of a project to know more.


Funding: H2020
Category: Manufacturing
Overview: Automation of handling flexible materials in production processes


Funding: H2020
Category: Manufacturing
Overview: Easy-to-set-up, low-cost robots to handle a range of flexible materials


Funding: H2020
Category: Manufacturing
Overview: Cognitive autonomous systems for human-robot interaction, especially “cobots”


Funding: H2020
Category: Manufacturing
Overview: A scalable zero-defect manufacturing platform for the optoelectrical industry


Funding: Innovate UK
Category: Agriculture
Overview: Advanced robotic manipulator for the inspection and packing of fresh produce

Alpha Glovebox

Funding: H2020
Category: Nuclear
Overview: Using lasers and autonomous grasping to cut up and dispose of contaminated gloveboxes


Funding: Innovate UK
Category: Smart Grasping
Overview: Expanding grasping capabilities using low-cost tactile and proximity sensors


Funding: Innovate UK
Category: Motion Planning
Overview: A solid next-generation benchmarking suite for motion planning algorithms


Funding: Innovate UK
Category: Teleoperation
Overview: Smart robot Hands and smart vision for safer, more cost-effective teleoperation


Funding: Innovate UK
Category: Manufacturing
Overview: A flexible and dynamic free-form welding system for low-cost manufacturing support


Funding: H2020
Category: Manufacturing
Overview: A flexible and safe robot for the manufacturing of metal and composite parts


Funding: Innovate UK
Category: Healthcare
Overview: Care robotics for the future with a focus on dignity, independence, and choice


Funding: H2020
Category: Healthcare
Overview: Assistive robotics for the elderly and those with Mild Cognitive Impairments and dementia


If you’d like to collaborate with us, get in touch!