The robotic systems we create here at Shadow have many different applications, for many different sectors. Click the links to find out how we can revolutionise the way you work in your sector:

Product testing

The Shadow Dexterous Hand is perfect for product testing.

If you’re looking to gather data about your product, then you may need a Hand that has tactile sensors. We’ve partnered with the best in the business, meaning your Hand can be fitted with either Syntouch LLC’s BioTac ® sensors, Optoforce sensors or ATI Nano sensors.

Having a Hand with highly detailed tactile sensing capabilities means that your robotic Hand will detect the full range of sensory information that human fingers do, monitoring force, micro-vibration and temperature sensing. Data from the sensors is fully integrated and available via the same EtherCAT interface as other sensors. Shadow provides full integration with this option.


Raw data collected from the BioTac sensors include:

  • Voltages on impedance sensing electrodes
  • Absolute fluid pressure (DC Pressure)
  • Dynamic fluid pressure = vibration (AC Pressure)
  • Temperature (DC Temperature)
  • Heat flow (AC Temperature)
  • Signal processing of these data enables the BioTac to do many things that humans can do by touch, such as:
      • Determine point of contact
      • Estimate tri-axial forces
      • Estimate radius of curvature of a contacted object
      • Discriminate edges, corners, and flat surfaces
      • Sense initial contact, with a remarkably high sensitivity
      • Detect slip
      • Discriminate objects based on their texture
      • Discriminate objects based on their compliance
      • Discriminate objects based on their thermal properties

The Shadow Dexterous Hand has been integrated with a number of different robot arms; this system offers an integrated and ready-to-use Hand/Arm open platform using the UR5 or UR10 Robot Arm (6-DoF) that will allow you full access to the whole system via ROS.

Often our clients who use the hand for product testing require the our CyberGlove. Containing 22 sensors, the CyberGlove provides an intuitive way to control the Shadow Hand. By mapping the positions of the sensors on the CyberGlove to those on the Shadow Hand, the joint positions of the Hand can be set to mimic that of the operator wearing the CyberGlove.

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Shadow Robot technology can be used as a solution to your manufacturing problems. Whether you’re looking for a Smart Grasping Hand, or a Dexterous Hand that can perform more intricate work, we can supply it all.Our Smart Grasping Hand is modular, and therefore can be easily built bespoke to your factory’s needs (and owing to it’s modularity, it could be upgraded or have extra features added-on with ease). The Hand is extremely robust and has been programmed with many different grasps.

For more nimble manufacturing work, our world-renowned Shadow Dexterous Hand would be the  right choice. Depending on your need, we can supply your assembly line with either left or right Hands (with either 3 or 5 fingers) that can grasp, lift and move your objects with total accuracy and efficiency.

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Shadow is now making available a unique Teleoperation Development System.The system links the Shadow Hand, the capable UR10 Robot Arm, the CyberGlove and the PhaseSpace Motion Capture System, to provide end-to-end control of dexterous manipulation from human movement.

Shadow can supply and install a complete turnkey development platform, allowing you to explore how teleoperation technology can solve your challenges.

Here’s a video showing the Teleoperation Development System in use.

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Food processing

Food processing companies lose hundreds of thousands of pounds every year due to contamination in their processing factories. Shadow Robot have created a system that can be used to efficiently perform food processing tasks whilst increasing safety in the factory.

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Our transformative products can be applied to the agri-tech market. We’ve worked on projects such as AUTOPIC, which saw us working with academic and industry partners to create a robotic solution to soft fruit picking (such as strawberries).


Agri-tech is a burgeoning market, and we are proud to be exploring the use of robotics in farming. We believe our Hands provide a solution to the complex issues of soft fruit picking through a combination of state-of-the-art robotic arms, 3D sensing, computer vision and object/pattern recognition as well as expert horticultural knowledge. We love working with partners who can bring their specialised expertise to the table, whilst we provide the robotics know-how.

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Our products have been used in many different sectors for various applications, and one area of particular interest is the pharma industry.You can use our Shadow Dexterous Hand to perform intricate lab work, whilst our Smart Grasping System can carry out more generic tasks. Our Hands can be used in environments where it may not be safe for humans.

With the addition of the CyberGlove, pharma technicians can remotely control the movements of the Hand, giving them greater accuracy over the Hand’s performance – perfect if you’re undertaking precise and detailed work.

Archive footage of the CyberGlove and our Dexterous Hand

Our Smart Grasping System is the perfect solution to manufacturing issues, as it is built with ‘intelligence’. It can sense objects as it approaches them, interprets what type of object they are, and selects the correct grasp to pick it up successfully. This also eliminates unnecessary human cost as humans have often been required to ‘babysit’ or to assist machines by performing low level tasks (loading and unloading for example). With the SGS, humans can be deployed elsewhere on higher-level tasks as the Smart Grasper Hands will be able to perform the low level tasks itself.

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Logistics / Intralogistics

Are you a manager in charge of lean management for your warehouse? Our Smart Grasping System could be just the right robot for your factory. This robust robotic hand is packed with the latest technology to bring your organisation in line with Industry 4.0, with key features including:

  • A library of different grasps, meaning you can use one Hand to pick up many types of objects, reducing the need for numerous Hands in your factory
  • An in-built vision system so that the Hand can ‘see’ what it’s about to grasp and therefore select the correct grasp for each object
  • Torque sensing on each joint, a revolutionary addition ensuring the hand can make the most accurate and reliable grasp
  • Incredibly robust and reliable, reducing the need for maintenance and repair
    Easy to programme and use, saving you time and money on training

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Events and exhibitions

Are you looking for show-stopping piece of hardware that will draw crowds to your event? There’s nothing quite as eye-catching as a robot hand! We’ve created demos for many events, including this one for Beko’s stand at IFA Berlin in 2016 – a coffee making, keyboard playing robot:

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Academic / Research and Development centres

Our first ever clients were researchers, and over the past 20 years we have developed strong links with the academic community. The Shadow Dexterous Hand is widely used for research purposes and has become a valuable member of many R&D teams around the world!

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