How Shadow Robot is working with Pharma

The tech journey is one of passion for Shadow’s Business Development Manager, Dr. Radhika Gudipati. After getting her PhD in Robotics, Radhika immersed herself further into the world of Robots, Deep Tech and AI for another 12 years and counting. She’s well aware that her field is redefining how scientists develop new drugs and tackle deadly viruses, and it’s her mission to champion telerobots for the pharma industry.

Current Projects

Telerobot for vaccine/drug manufacturing isolator tasks

Shadow is working on an Innovate UK funded project developing their Telerobot to solve some key isolator task challenges in the vaccine/drug manufacturing line. The end-user partner in this project is a big pharma giant based in Belgium, a name well-known particularly as we navigate out of the COVID pandemic. 

Shadow secured an R&D grant of approximately £600K under the COVID fast-track fund. We’re nearly halfway through the project and making good progress with using various tools like pincers, pipettes, scissors, etc. to manipulate various fragile and flexible objects.

Pandemic permitting, we’re looking forward to visiting the end-user site soon.

euRobotics: Laboratory Robotics Topic Group activities

euRobotics asbl is an international non-profit association for all stakeholders in European Robotics. Founded in 2012, euRobotics strives to boost European robotics research, development and innovation. 

There are many Topic Groups (TGs) that are part of euRobotics working in tandem to support robotics uptake in different fields.

Analytical Laboratory Robotics is a TG where Shadow is actively coordinating various activities. In the process, we’re further expanding our network and knowledge with the laboratory space.


Roadmap update for EU Commission

The TGs are intended to provide inputs to the EU Commission for the research framework and funding for the programmes like Horizon Europe. Laboratory Robotics TG set out on updating the roadmap for labs - reached out to researchers, end-users, technology providers as well as academics in life science, pharma and related communities to gather their feedback. Conducted 37 interviews capturing answers to some of the questions like:

  • What have been the main changes/successes in the last 4-5 years?
  • What technologies/capabilities are still missing?
  • What do you see as the main challenges in the next 5+ years?
  • To what extent are you missing access to skills/standards/awareness/ support structures/access to facilities?

  • Pharma Roadmap Session: Aug 2021

    Shadow was key in organising a brainstorming session for roadmapping bringing together representatives from big pharma manufacturers, pharma tech development SMEs and startups, leading pharma researchers and a cross-sector representation from agricultural robotics TG.

    We followed the IfM University of Cambridge - roadmapping approach and the output from the workshop will be included in the final roadmap report to EU Commission. It will be available to the public in 2022.

  • Why? Market Trends and Drivers
  • What? Products, Services and Applications
  • How? Technology and Enablers
  • If you’re in the Pharma space and see our technology as part of the solution, we’d be happy to help with your company’s roadmapping needs! Email to find out more.


    ERF 2021, 13-15 Mar 2021: Co-organised workshop

    Shadow as the coordinator for the Laboratory Robotics TG organised a workshop at ERF 2021

    • Workshop Topic: ‘Robotics in the Lab during the pandemic and beyond’
    • Participants: 70 participants – given the fact that Laboratory robotics is a more recent concept within the robotics community when compared to other mature industrial robotics, healthcare robotics, etc.
    • Keynote speakers from leading pharma and agri research and industry:

    ‘Robotics and AI for automated lab’ – Alexander Steinecker, Business Development Manager, CSEM

    ‘High-throughput chemical reaction optimization’ – Nessa Carson, Senior Automation Chemist, Syngenta

    ‘Robotics in the lab during the pandemic and beyond’ – Patrick Courtney, tec-connection

    ERF 2022, 14-16 Mar 2022: Co-organising a workshop

    • Workshop Topic: ‘Can a lab robot win a Nobel Prize? Towards the Nobel Turing Challenge’

    • Nobel Turing Challenge: The Nobel Turing Challenge aims to develop a highly autonomous AI system that can perform top-level science, indistinguishable from the quality of that performed by the best human scientists, where some of the discoveries may be worthy of Nobel Prize level recognition and beyond

    • Keynote speakers: Leaders in the fields of pharma, life sciences and AI from academia, research and industry being roped in to share some insights into their work that is contributing towards the Nobel Turing Challenge

    If you like to be involved in euRobotics – Laboratory Robotics activities please get in touch with

    “Witnessing the journey of our Telerobot has been one of my best highlights. It started off from a telepresence avatar as a concept to then progressing into commercial markets solving difficult, distant and dangerous applications. The progress we are making in the pharma vaccine/drug manufacturing is quite exciting!”

    Radhika Gudipati, BizDev Manager at Shadow Robot

    For any enquiries or to request a live pharma demo led by Dr. Radhika Gudipati, get in touch.