Supporting Academic Growth

Supporting Academic Growth in Robotics


Here are the many ways in which we support academic growth in robotics:


Research Papers:

Universities across the globe buy our robot Hands for research and development purposes, and we get mentioned in a lot of research papers. Our team of dedicated engineers are continuously developing and improving our technology which gives them key insights to produce research papers too. You can find some of our most notable papers here.


Use Our Hand Virtually For Free:

Our Hand is fully integrated with ROS, and we make available solid models and code. You can download and start using a virtual model of the Hand in ROS right now.  Control of our robot Hand, including position control algorithms, can be modified by the user in ROS.


Academic Discounts:

We can offer an academic discount for universities and other academic institutions looking to buy our robot Hand. To see how our robot Hands can help your academic community and read relevant case studies, see our robotics research page.



We advise those interested in keeping an eye on our join our team page where we post all our job and internship opportunities. If we haven’t got anything going at the time, the page also has an option to register your interest.


Consulting and Collaborations:

We offer consulting and collaborations where we can use our 20 plus years of expertise to help elevate your research projects. See our consulting page and/or our collaborations page to learn more.


Please note, the following initiatives are often on a case by case basis:


Guest Speaking:

Our Managing Director, Rich Walker is a natural-born speaker often approached to present at various educational events. He’s recently spoken at:

  • YorRobots Exhibition, Department of Computer Science, University of York
  • Summer School on Intelligent Sensing, Queen Mary University of London
  • Robotics Forum, Imperial College London
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • The 3rd UK Robot Manipulation Workshop, University of Leeds


Visiting Schools:

Members of our team are encouraged to go into schools with our robot Hand and teach young children more about robotics. This includes how the machines work along with what they can do.

Our Business Development Manager and a STEM ambassador, Dr Radhika Gudipati often visits local schools to help inspire more girls to take up STEM-related careers. As a woman in tech herself and having a PhD in Robotics, she makes a great role model for young girls, and her friendly persona makes her easy to approach.  You can read more about our stance on gender balance and women in STEM on our corporate social responsibility page.


Hosting Student Visits:

We have previously hosted student visits to our office where students can have a guided tour, learn more about industry insights and see the robot Hand in action. This is at university level and typically lasts for an hour.

We often get asked if a class of small children can visit our office and for safety reasons, we wouldn’t be able to comply. However, if we’re not at a peak time, we can look into parents accompanying a child (aged ten and above) providing the child has a genuine interest in robotics and is keen to soak up some knowledge.


Work Shadowing:

Work shadowing allows you to spend time at our office observing the activities of a person working in a role that you’re thinking of pursuing. You’ll get to learn about what the role involves and what a typical day is like for them.


Sponsoring a PHD Student:

It’s not something we often do but it has been done. Two years ago, we sponsored a PhD student who was offered a fully-funded PhD place over at Queen Mary’s University under the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Robotics Extreme Environments Programme to work on grasping and manipulation for nuclear and challenging environments. We topped up his stipend and he’s been providing us with key engineering support.


To get in touch regarding any of the above initiatives, please contact us.