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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • You can train our Shadow Dexterous Hand to manipulate physical objects and complete goal-orientated tasks intuitively

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Shadow is a proud winner of Awards.AI 2020 and the AIconics Award 2019 for Best Innovation in AI Hardware



“People are able to perform a wide range of dexterous manipulation tasks in a diverse set of environments, making the human hand a grounded source of inspiration for research into robotic manipulation”



Human Brain Project & Maastricht University

“The Shadow Hand exhibits human-level dexterity which allows a research team at Maastricht University to study how the brain coordinates complex hand movements… By providing a highly realistic model of the human hand, the Shadow Hand allows neuroscientists to develop more realistic models around how the human brain works.”

Mario Senden, Assistant Professor
Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University

We’re here if you’d like to discuss more around our remote teleoperation systems.

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