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Teleoperation System

Making Difficult, Dangerous and Distant Jobs Easier and Safer With 0% Risk to Humans

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Teleoperation System

The World’s Most Advanced Teleoperation System with Unprecedented Dexterity Research Tool and Industry-Ready.

  • The Hands precisely mimic the user’s movements to complete complex tasks over long distances even cross-continent!
  • Making difficult, dangerous and distant jobs safer with zero risk to humans.
  • The system is modular making it easy to add components and integrate onto other systems.
  • It requires little to no training to use making it a game-changer for industry and research.

Shadow Dexterous Hand

  • World’s most advanced human-like hand
  • Unprecedented dexterity allows you to grasp and manipulate any object easily and intuitively
  • 24 movements, 20 degrees of freedom, 129 sensors for accuracy and precision

Shadow Glove

  • Ultimate precision with sub-millimeter accuracy tracking at the fingertips, wrist, and forearm
  • 6 Degrees of Freedom in each sensor through position and orientation tracking 
  • Move freely due to light-weight and non-restrictive design

UR10e Arm 

  • Safe and flexible 6 Degrees of Freedom industrial robotic arms

Customisable Options

System Options

The Shadow Teleoperation System can come as a Uni-Manual or Bi-Manual. You can also choose if you’d like the Shadow Glove or a haptics glove (for haptic feedback).

We have made it possible for you to upgrade from one system to the other, at any time (e.g. update your Uni-Manual to Bi-Manual or non-haptic to haptic).


  • Both Left and Right Hand
  • 2 gloves
  • 2 arms plus 2 stands


  • One Hand – your choice of Left or Right
  • 1 glove
  • 1 arm plus stand

Glove Options

Operators wearing the Shadow glove or the haptic glove can control the robot Hand at a safe distance in the comfort and safety of a control room even from another continent. If haptic feedback matters to you, choose the haptic glove. If you need guidance, get in touch, we’d be happy to help!

Shadow Glove

  • Custom-made in house incorporating over two decades worth of robotic expertise
  • Slimline design for comfort and natural feel

Haptic Glove & BioTacs

  • Haptic feedback glove from HaptX allows you to feel touch sensations
  • BioTac sensors from SynTouch are added onto the Shadow Hand to provide the haptic glove with sensory information
  • Specifications
  • Price List

Please get in touch via the contact form at the top of this page so that we can go through this with you. We may be able to offer a discount if you’re eligible for our Academic Partnership Programme.

Whether you’re a researcher
or a company, feel free to reach out.
Live demos can be requested.

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