Teleoperation System

Extend your reach with intuitive remote operation across the room, or across continents!

teleoperation system

Harness the Power of our Dexterous Hands at a Distance

Our cutting-edge teleoperation system gives you the manual dexterity of a human hand to complete complex tasks in hazardous or sterile environments, or as part of remote collaborative projects and robotics research.
"hands up" shadow teleoperation system mimicking the movement of the operator in the background

uses and benefits

Wifi and 5G services allow the system to be operated remotely from the next room, or across continents

Our Dexterous Hands have 20 degrees of freedom, 24 movements and 120 sensors for unprecedented accuracy

Designed with modularity in mind to easily integrate into existing set ups

Customisable set up and consultancy to ensure the system meets your specifications

AI and Machine Learning means the Dexterous Hand Teleoperation System can be trained to complete remote tasks autonomously

Customise your Teleoperation Set Up

We’ll work with you to ensure you get the best set up to meet your needs. Our modular system offers various options.


Uni-lateral set up. 


Choose either the right or left hand. Includes glove, arm and stand.

image showing man controlling one robot arm with a shadow glove to use a syringe

Bi-lateral set up. 


Control both hands simultaneously. Includes two gloves, two arms and two stands.

picture showing two robot arms being controlled by a man wearing the shadow glove


Shadow Glove.


Our optimised in-house glove draws on over two decades of robotic expertise. Designed for comfort and a natural feeling during operation

image showing the shadow gloves: lightweight controllers that sit on the hands with sensors on the fingers and around the arm and wrist

Haptx Glove with BioTacs. 


Developed by HaptX with integrated sensors from SynTouch experience full sensory information including pressure, temperature and vibration. 

teleoperation - haptx 2000 x 1880 copy

Shadow Teleoperation System - Technical Specifications


Teleoperation at work

The Dexterous Hands Teleoperation System is specifically designed for use in the nuclear, pharmaceutical, maintenance and research sectors where onsite operation would put people at risk, or where a clean environment needs to be maintained. 


Check out our video showcasing the level of precision that can be achieved carrying out routine tasks, and how the system can be integrated into your workspaces. 

teleoperation - uw.png


University of Washington (UW)

I want to take a moment and extend my gratitude towards the help and support I received from you guys and the Shadow Robot Company as a whole.

Dr Vikash Kumar, University of Washington

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