Bespoke Robotics

Our consultancy services help clients realise projects and solve unique problems. Robotics is a complex intersection of specialist fields, from mechanical to software. Shadow’s engineers bring together skills and experience from the broad range of areas needed to deliver bespoke solutions.

We have designed new products, created prototypes and delivered custom robots to clients in in a range of sectors from academia to media & the arts. Email us or fill in this contact form us to find out how we can help.


Our Expertise

Complex Design

The human hand is exquisitely complex and capable. Shadow’s Dexterous Hand delivers a range of movement and capability which matches that of a human hand. The result is a complex biomimetic system with 20 degrees of freedom and over 100 sensors in a package the same size as a human hand. We look for similar challenges.

Electronics Engineering

We design, prototype and often produce our custom electronics. Sometimes for a solution to work “just so” off-the-shelf solutions don’t cut it. Custom circuitry & firmware can make the difference between a project’s success and failure.

Robot Software Engineering

Shadow implements software for complex robotic solutions, from low-level drivers to complete system integration. Our involvement in research means we are at the cutting edge of technology in the field. We have developed ROS based systems for a number of years and provided workshops in ROS software development.


We have excellent production facilities based in London, manned by a skilled team of production engineers and technicians, experienced in turning into reality solutions to the toughest challenges our clients face. With two computer controlled (CNC) milling machines, work of the highest quality and accuracy can be accomplished.


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