Our Values

our values - value 3

We care about each other

We’re employee-owned so each member is effectively a piece of Shadow. We support each other and we encourage one another to be the best and deliver the best to our customers. We’re not afraid to communicate what we need for a better quality of life such as flexible work hours, remote working or time-out to play fetch with the office dogs. We’re doing difficult things but we’re having fun doing them together.

our values - value 2

We enjoy challenging the impossible

We’ve been going for decades and are experts at what we do – but we’re never set in our ways. We evolve with time and each of us continues to self-improve. We strive to accomplish something bigger than what we’ve done before, such as conquering new challenges and creating world firsts.

our values - value 4

No bullshit. No assholes.

No one succeeds without everyone. We’re not each other’s competition, we’re allies. If someone knows more, it’s a chance for us to all learn. We’re not hostile or argumentative, we respect each other while still speaking our mind and we’re accountable for any hiccups along the way. If we’re doing it wrong, we expect to be called out for it. Egotism and excuses, we don’t do it and we don’t want to be around it.

our values - value 5


We’re ethical, fair and have empathy for all. We value people’s time and efforts and don’t leave our mess for someone else to deal with. We want to shape a better future and use our robots for good – not for building weapon systems or endangering animals. If it causes harm or suffering, it’s a no-go.