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Humble Beginnings

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a gloved hand and the shadow dexterous hand doing a rock hand sign 🤘
shadow robot dexterous hand carefully holding a light bulb
a human hand and the shadow robot dexterous hand clasping in a handshake

We’ve worked with some of the best organisations in the world, including NASA, GSK, Siemens, Google Brain, Honda, MIT and Qualcomm, amongst others.

our world-class clients
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Our Awards
the aiconics award for best innovation in ai hardware

The Alconics (2019)

We are thrilled to have The AIconics award for Best Innovation in AI Hardware. This award is the world’s only independently judged award celebrating the drive, innovation and hard work in the international AI Community.

queen’s award for enterprise for innovation

Queen’s Awards (2019)

Shadow Robot has been honoured with a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation in recognition of our world-leading advances in robotics and outstanding commercial performance.

excellence in r&d, intelligent systems and tech for good

E&T Innovation Awards (2020)


In 2020, Shadow was lucky enough to win 3 amazing awards.  The Awards celebrate the most pioneering engineering and technology innovations across 16 sectors, from energy and sustainability to transport and healthcare. The 3 awards were Excellence in R&D, Intelligent Systems and Tech For Good.

wildcard award for our tactile telerobot

The Engineer (2021)

With our groundbreaking work with HaptX, Syntouch and Tangible Research, we won the Wildcard Award for our Tactile Telerobot, the world’s first haptic telerobot hand, capable of mimicking movements and transmitting touch from the other side of the planet and potentially one day even between planets.

best hardware for ai / best hardware startup for ai

AI Award (2021)

The Global Annual AI Awards celebrate the various achievements of the AI community in developing new algorithms, products and services across a number of different categories and industries. Shadow won the Best Hardware for AI / Best Hardware Startup for AI for our work with the Teleoperation Robot.

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