Dexterous Hand Series

Dexterous Hand Series: The World’s Most Dexterous Humanoid Robot Hands

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Shadow Dexterous Hand is our flagship product. It’s the ONLY robot hand on the market to have 24 movements and 20 degrees of freedom (DOF) for increased flexibility in grasping and manipulating a range of objects. Each finger moves side to side independently, for unparalleled dexterity and there’s a total of 129 sensors to increase accuracy and enable high-level precision.

This electric robot Hand is the superior version to our Air Muscle Hand (which we discontinued). It approximates the kinematics of the human hand including the thumb, the flex of the palm for the little finger, and even the fingernails!

The Shadow Dexterous Hand has been a trusted favourite among universities and companies as a research tool, has recently been used to advance research into AI and Machine Learning (having won the AIconics Award for best innovation in AI hardware 2019) and is a key component in the world’s most advanced teleoperation technology. Our technology is unique (we own the relevant IP) and unrivalled.

The Hand is fully integrated with ROS, and we make available solid models and code. You can download and start using a virtual model of the Hand in ROS right now.  Control of the Hand, including position control algorithms can be modified by the user in ROS. Firmware within the Hand itself can be made available for modification.

Contact us for Hand enquiries or to book a demo to see our robot Hands in action.


Hands Available to Purchase


Degrees of Freedom (DOF)



EtherCAT Interface

ROS Open Source Platform

Standard Pressure Sensor Tactiles (PSTs)

Standard Force Sensors

Easily Integrated On Robot Arms

Upgradable With Other Components

Shadow Dexterous Hand

Our flagship product and the most popular. It’s the world’s most human-like robot hand available on the market. Our latest model comes with increased reliability (up to 100x in recent use cases)

20 actuated DOF and a further 4 under-actuated movements for a total of 24 joints

4.3 Kg

Up to 4 Kg

Shadow Dexterous Hand Lite

Almost all the capability of the Shadow Dexterous Hand in a smaller, lighter, cost-effective package. There’s no little finger (unnecessary for nimble tasks) or wrist (for easier mounting onto a broader range of robot arms).

13 DOF across 16 joints

2.4 Kg

Up to 4 Kg

Want the fingers to detect what human fingers can?

Both the Shadow Dexterous Hand and the Shadow Dexterous Hand Lite can have the added component of BioTacs. Produced by SynTouch, the BioTac is a revolutionary tactile sensor capable of detecting the full range of sensory information that human fingers can identify, including forces, micro-vibrations, and temperature.

Tech Specs & Price Lists

You’ll find our Tech Specs here: Shadow Dexterous Hand Tech Spec E2 Series


Areas of use

Reach out if you’re interested in purchasing our Hand or would like to come by and watch it in action. If you’re unsure which Hand will be suitable for your purposes, we’d be happy to guide you.