Dexterous Hand Series

The World’s Most Dexterous Humanoid Robot Hand.

shadow dexterous hand - able to handle objects designed for humans

Advancing robotic research and application in industry

The Shadow Dexterous Hand is the most advanced 5-fingered robotic hand in the world.


Offering unprecedented accuracy, The Hand can manipulate tools and objects with greater precision than ever before. Our technology opens up new avenues for research in robotics and artificial intelligence, and enables the refinement of existing technologies.


our flagship product - dexterous hand, capable of in hand manipulation
Palm flex The extra DOF here allows the little finger to oppose the thumb and gives the palm more human-like behaviour.
With 2 extra DOF at the wrist, it provides flexibility, optimises accurate positioning of the hand, and helps avoid singularities when mounted on a robot arm.

Each finger has an independent side-to-side motion for impressive in-hand manipulation and other movements with advanced dexterity

Tendon Driven
Provides postural stability, shock mitigation, and bending to facilitate dexterous motion.
Multiple tactile sensing options
A range of different finger tactile tips are available depending on your dexterity needs

uses and benefits

Over 20 years' research and development make The Dexterous Hand a trusted component for research and industry.

Containing 20 motors, the Hand is tendon driven, allowing adduct and abduct movement with 24 degrees of freedom.

The Dextrous Hand has over 100 sensors running at up to 1KHz, giving you insight and accurate data points to support your research.

Pressure Sensor Tactiles (PSTs) fitted as standard in the fingertips.

Fully ROS integrated, for use as a research and development tool and as testing hardware for AI and Machine Learning.

Used with our Shadow Glove and Teleoperation System, the Hand offers intuitive control and unparalleled precision in remote or hazardous environments.

Discover Dexterous lite

The Lite series gives you more flexibility to meet your project needs. Choose from the Lite, Extra Lite and Super Lite versions of our robot hands. 

Compact and lightweight - removing a finger from each successive model decreases their weight, making the Lite series particularly well suited for mobile manipulation projects or reducing the load on robot arms

Energy-efficient - Dropping from the five fingered hand to the four fingered Lite delivers 35% power saving, helpful for battery powered systems.

Affordable - each model offers savings, making it possible to achieve precision manipulation on a budget

dexterous hand lite, extra lite and super lite
Overview Shadow Dexterous Hand Shadow Dexterous Hand Lite Shadow Dexterous Hand Extra Lite Shadow Dexterous Hand Super Lite
Degrees of Freedom (DOF) 20 actuated DOF and a further 4 under-actuated movements for a total of 24 joints 13 DOF across 16 joints 10 DOF across 12 joints 7 DOF across 8 joints
Overall Weight 4.3 Kg 2.4 Kg 2.1 Kg 1.8 Kg
No. of Fingers 4 + 1 (thumb) 3 + 1 (thumb) 2 + 1 (thumb) 1 + 1 (thumb)
No. of Actuators 20 DC motors 13 DC motors 10 DC motors 7 DC motors
No. of Finger Joints 4 4 4 4
No. of Thumb Joints 5 4 4 4
No. of Wrist Joints 2 0 0 0
No. of Tip Pressure Sensors 5 4 3 2
No. Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) 1 1 1 1
No. of Tendon Load Sensors 40 26 20 14
Control loop rate through host 1kHz (EtherCat protocol) 1kHz (EtherCat protocol) 1kHz (EtherCat protocol) 1kHz (EtherCat protocol)
ROS Open Source Platform dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list
Easily Integrated on Robot Arms dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list
Upgradable With Other Components dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list dexterous hand series - check list

Dexterous Hand Options

System options

dexterous hand series - untitled 1024 × 649px 1

Shadow Glove

Intuitive control in the palm of your Hand. 

The Shadow Glove is fully optimised to work with our Dexterous Hands, accurately mimicking your movements to provide unparalleled precision with minimal training.

biotac® sp

Produced by SynTouch, the BioTac is a revolutionary tactile sensor capable of detecting the full range of sensory information that human fingers can identify, including forces, micro-vibrations, and temperature.


universal robots ur10 arm

Add an Arm

Our Hands are more mobile when attached to an arm for extendable reach. We can provide each Hand with a safe and flexible 6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) industrial robotic arm from Universal Robots.


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