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Our first clients were researchers, and over the past 20 years, we have developed strong links with the academic community along with research companies interested in robotics as well as machine learning and AI.

We’ve sold our robot Hands to those in higher education, universities, innovation labs and research companies across the globe including:

How Else Do We Support Growth in Robotics Research?

Free downloadable virtual Hand in ROS

Academic Partnership Programme


Bielefeld University

With its unique, human-like design, the Shadow Hands serve as the perfect test bed to design, evaluate, and improve computational models of human manual intelligence. Here we particularly need hands of human size and dexterity

Prof. Dr Helge Ritter


University of Washington (UW)

I want to take a moment and extend my gratitude towards the help and support I received from you guys and the Shadow Robot Company as a whole.

Dr Vikash Kumar, University of Washington

If you’re putting a proposal together to help fund your research, we can offer an academic discount.

Contact us if you’re looking for robots for research purposes. We also offer consultancy or collaboration services to help with your robotics research.

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