Robotics Research and Collaborations

Tap into 20 years of experience in dexterous robotics to accelerate your research projects.

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Research has been at the heart of Shadow Robot’s mission for the last two decades. Collaborating with the academic community and research companies, we’ve solved real-world problems across multiple industry sectors employing artificial intelligence, machine learning and mobile manipulation solutions.

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we can offer

The world’s most advanced technology (we own the relevant IP).

In-depth market knowledge and industry insights.

A strong network of thought leaders.

Smart robotics engineering (from mechanical to software).

A passion for robots that solve a solution or provide a meaningful purpose.

research partners
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how researchers use our technology

Take a look at our short video showcasing the work we’ve done with Bielefeld University, Warwick University, OpenAI, Google Brain and The Human Brain Project.

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research partners
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Just getting started?

Running a phyiscal robot carries costs and risks. You can work in simulation first with our downloadable virtual hand in ROS.

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Bielefeld University

With its unique, human-like design, the Shadow Hands serve as the perfect test bed to design, evaluate, and improve computational models of human manual intelligence. Here we particularly need hands of human size and dexterity.

Prof. Dr Helge Ritter

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University of Washington (UW)

I want to take a moment and extend my gratitude towards the help and support I received from you guys and the Shadow Robot Company as a whole.

Dr Vikash Kumar, University of Washington