Mobile Manipulation

The precision of the Dexterous Hand exactly where you need it.

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We went to XPrize!

Our Dexterous Hands on a mobile manipulator made it to the finals of ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition!

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More than just an end effector

Grasping unusually shaped objects - The Dexterous Hand is able to pick up a wider range of objects than a simple gripper

Dexterous - Multiple separately controlled joints on each finger and the thumb allow you to perform more controlled grasping and enables complex interactions with objects

Tactile sensor fittings - we can supply COTS tactile sensors or the documentation for you to install ones from your own lab

Intuitive ergonomics - If you want to work out how the robot should do something, just try it with your own hands! This also makes teleoperation easier for the operator

Support throughout the project - Shadow’s team have years of experience developing robot systems so we “feel your pain” when you run into challenges!

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Meeting the needs of a Mobile Manipulator

Light - Our Dexterous Hand Lite is suitable for a 2.4kg payload arm, whilst delivering performance comparable to our Dexterous hand plus

Compact - The Hand Lite is shorter and lighter than the five-fingered Dexterous Hand, reducing the load on the robot arms - as you can see in the diagram

Power Efficient - Stepping down from the five-fingered hand to Hand Lite produces a 35% power saving, helping increase battery life on your mobile system.

Mobile - The small size and weight of Hand Lite make it easy to transport and mount on a mobile system, making it the perfect choice for mobile manipulation!

Affordable - Hand Lite is 35% cheaper than the full Shadow Dexterous Hand!

Dexterous Hand Lite

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Learn more about our Dexterous Hand Lite

The dexterity factor of our Flagship Shadow Dexterous Hand in a smaller package.


All the movements of the human finger and thumb in the same ergonomic form factor

Grasping any shape

Interact with all the objects a human can – in particular, we test with the full YCB object set


Position sensing for accurate finger placement, tendon sensing to understand the effort exerted, and the option to add touch sensing at the fingertips

Wealth of data

Over 80 sensors at 1kHz give you a wealth of data from the Hand Lite (over 130 on the full Hand)  to enable your robot to truly “think” about grasping and manipulation!

Putting together a Mobile Manipulator?

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