Dexterous Hand & Glove

Our latest innovation in control for robotic grasping and dexterous manipulation devices.

shadow dexterous hand and shadow glove, as used by an operator
shadow glove will fit any size of a hand thanks to it's open design

uses and benefits

Dexterous Hand
& Shadow Glove

Shadow has merged our Shadow Dexterous Hand with our lightweight Shadow glove to give you the newest solution for dexterous manipulation and grasping.

The Glove is fully optimized for our Shadow Dexterous Hand

Grasping and manipulation trajectories recording

Complex manipulation trajectories are achievable thanks to human control of the hand

Rich data output for ML and AI scenarios

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Our Shadow Hand leads the market in dextrous hands. Our new Shadow Glove solves programming and automation challenges by providing an intuitive user interface for generating useful grasping and manipulation trajectories in real-time.

shadow hand & glove - shadow robot co3882 copy 2.png

Uses in Inovation

Thanks to our embedded real-time data output, the Hand and Glove can be used as an integrated solution which can help accelerate machine learning and other analysis on the mechanics and control of grasping and manipulation.


  • Supports full human grasping and manipulation kinematics
  • A non-restrictive glove allows for a full range of movement
  • Ability to calibrate to user’s actual hand dimensions
  • Rich real-time data

Key Benefits

  • Fine Manipulation thanks to minimal coverage of fingertips and no interference with normal hand movements
  • A lightweight build allows longer wear time 
  • All hand sizes supported through universal design
  • Accurate out of the box, with quick calibration for accurate hand mapping
shadow hand & glove - shadow robot co4305 copy 2 2.png
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Price List

Please get in touch via the contact form so that we can go through this with you. We may be able to offer a discount if you’re eligible for our Academic Partnership Programme.

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