Dexterous Hand & Glove

Intuitive control in the palm of your hand. 

man wearing shadow glove with the dexterous robot hand waving

A lightweight glove that mimics your movements for ultimate control

We’ve merged the Dexterous Hand with our lightweight Shadow Glove, creating a new control and automation solution for robotic manipulation and grasping.

Combining intuitive control with unparalleled freedom of movement, the robot Hand accurately mimics your movements achieving complex tasks with precision.
shadow glove will fit any size of a hand thanks to it's open design

uses and benefits

Minimal latency allows you to achieve complex manipulation and grasping trajectories with ease

Minimalist, lightweight glove and universal sizing provides uninhibited control

Open frame design allows for the addition of custom feedback mechanisms

Six sensors per glove and one source provide precise motion tracking

Data recording and rich real time data output accelerates mechanical analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence scenarios

Shadow Glove

shadow dexterous glove on the hand of an operator, horizontal

Shadow Dexterous Robot Hand

shadow dexterous hand fist clenched

Full integration with ROS

Latency: 4ms (up to 1ms at 960Hz)

Glove data stream works at 120 Hz (up to 960 Hz)

Static Accuracy Position: 0.5mm in XYZ

Hand control 1kHz

Over 120 sensors and 20 motors providing 24 degrees of freedom

Tendon driven: adduct and abduct movement

Get more from your Shadow Dexterous Hand

shadow dexterous hand triumphantly holding a rubiks cube

Discover the Dexterous Hands Series

The world’s most advanced humanoid robot hand.

Learn about the full featured Shadow Hand and the Lite Series, offering cheaper options for different project requirements.

man controlling the dexterous hand and ur arm remotely - teleoperation system

Unprecedented precision and intuitive control, even across continents!

Designed for use in hazardous environments, clean rooms and remote collaborative research projects.

shadow dexterous hand with biotac® sp, outer palm

Dexterous Hands and Machine Learning

Learn about the award-winning AI work we’ve done.

We were awarded an Awards.AI in 2020, and the 2019 AIconics Award for Best Innovation in AI Hardware.

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