Happy 20th birthday to us!

A message from Rich Walker, Managing Director of the Shadow Robot Company:

Time flies when you’re having fun, and the last two decades have sped by. We officially shed our ‘hobbyist’ title and became a Company in January 1997. Has it been twenty years already? On some days it feels like we’ve haven’t been around that long, on other days it feels like we’ve been here for much, much longer! I’ve seen Shadow grow from a small hobby club in an attic to a company that’s sold it’s products to NASA, governments and universities from all around the world. Ours is an unusual story, which I think has made it more exciting along the way.

We’re still making and selling our signature Dexterous Hand, as well as just launching our new product, the Smart Grasping System, which we’re in the process of trialling with some select clients. Next month our work is being featured in the big new exhibition at the Science Museum in London, aptly titled ‘Robots‘. We’ve got some great projects on the go with really exciting partners, and I’m lucky to say I work in an excellent team, some of whom have also been around for the full 20 years (and we’re still hiring and growing…).It feels like a really good time to be working in robotics, especially here at Shadow. Thanks to all of our clients and partners for your support over the last twenty years, let’s raise a glass to the next twenty!
Huge thanks to our amazing clients – the Robotics Team at CITEC of University of Bielefeld – for making this birthday picture for us!