Introducing the most robust dexterous robot hand on the market.

A transformational advance in machine learning robots.

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Designed and built for the world's leading AI research team

The Shadow Robot company has developed a new robot hand in collaboration with Google DeepMind to meet the needs of their real-world machine-learning projects.


Now available for purchase, our new Hand is an ideal hardware platform for dexterous manipulation research. Delivering dynamic and controlled motion in a robust and reliable package, enabling long-running experiments without interruptions due to hardware failure.


The Hand’s high-speed sensor networks provide rich sensor data, including position, force and inertial measurement, as well as hundreds of channels of tactile sensing per finger. Shadow’s groundbreaking fingertip sensors offer hundreds of taxels each, with a massive dynamic range.


Transforming your research

High bandwidth torque and position control loops give delicate and precise fingertip dexterity

Torque and inertial measurement throughout makes the whole hand sensitive to interactions with its environment

Stereo camera-based fingertip tactile sensors provide an unprecedented level of 3D interaction detail in a robust package

Multi-taxel, 3 DOF tactile sensors on middle and proximal phalanges give additional information during grasping and manipulation

Easy for users to maintain with minimal training and designed to reduce instances of failure and downtime, with fail-safes and a graceful shutdown routine.

Fully ROS integrated for use as a research and development tool.


Designed to reliably meet the needs of long-running reinforcement learning experiments

Long mean time to failure and reduced time for repair, resulting in high availability

Resistant against repeated impacts from its environment and aggressive use from an untrained policy.

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Cutting edge collaboration

Shadow works with our customers long term to provide support and engineering services, and collaborate on development.  


Developing our new Hand has opened up significant technological advances and specialist knowledge which can be leveraged in a wide range of academic and applied research contexts. 


Our consultancy service can help you identify what works for your project.