Visit from Dongguan Delegation

In September 2017, a delegation from Dongguan, China, came to London to visit us and UCL. The Vice Mayor of Dongguan City lead the delegation; they were keen to learn about the UK’s capabilities in advanced manufacturing, engineering and industrial robots. As well as discussing our ideas and demonstrating our hardware, it was a great opportunity to identify future cooperation. Dongguan, as a ‘World Factory’, are hoping to upgrade their traditional industry and become a ‘Smart Manufacturer’. They were keen to learn and see smart machinery technologies, which is why they wanted to speak to us and learn more about our Smart Grasping System.

Click here to see some more pics of the trip. Also, we’d like to say a huge thanks to both Chris He at DIT and Yukun Zhao at Cathay Pacific for being a great help to make this trip happen!