ERF 2023

The recent ERF robotics event was a great success. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of robotics and experience some of the newest advancements in technology.

From interactive exhibits to demonstrations of robotic technology, there was something for everyone. Many of the participants were amazed by what they saw and experienced, and it was clear that robotics industry has come a long way in recent years.

The event featured presentations from experts in the field, giving attendees an insight into the current state of robotics as well as future possibilities. Discussions focused on a wide range of topics from artificial intelligence to autonomous systems, giving attendees an overview of some of the most cutting-edge developments in robotics technology. Additionally, there were opportunities for hands-on learning with interactive workshops and demonstrations where participants could get an up close look at how robots work and develop their own skills in programming and engineering. It was truly inspiring to see what can be achieved with robotics today, and it is clear that we are only at the beginning.

ERF is an event that brings together the most renowned experts in robotics from all over the world. It provides a platform for discussion and networking, as well as a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments and technologies. This year’s edition took place in Ødense, Denmark and the programme featured keynote lectures, panel discussions, workshops and tutorials on various topics related to robotics.



I’ve always felt ERF is an amazing opportunity for scientists, engineers and industry professionals to come together and exchange ideas, build relationships and collaborate on new projects. I will admit here I’m biased – I serve as a Director of euRobotics, the parent organisation, and I chair the Programme Committee for ERF precisely because I think it’s a special event and I want to keep it that way.



I remember the first time we were in Ødense – when everything was smaller and quieter, and the exhibition area was as far from the conference as it was possible to be! This time the city was bigger, a bit louder, a lot more exciting, and the exhibition was the conference! When we were last in Ødense the robotics community was just coming to terms with cheap RGB-D cameras – and it was amazing to witness how far we have all progressed since then.
It was a big and busy event; over 1200 people registered for the event, and on most days there were more than 1000 people in the building. Even the Crown Prince of Denmark popped in, which tells us how important robotics is to Denmark.

For Shadow, we knew this was the opportunity to show our community what we’ve been working on for the last few years. We took the telerobot with our lightweight hand-tracking glove, and we also took our new MST sensors for people to try. The response was fantastic, with many exciting conversations with interested attendees at our booth.
ERF is an extended affair. On Monday, site tours take place, the exhibition is arranged and inaugurated, and the euRobotics General Assembly takes place in the afternoon, succeeded by a town hall gathering. From Tuesday to Thursday, the official conference agenda occurs, including a larger reception at the remarkable Storms Pakhus on Tuesday and a Gala Dinner on Wednesday. Additional site tours are scheduled for Friday. Annually, attendees express that there is an overwhelming range of activities, to which we respond, “We merely organize the events suggested by the community!”



One unique aspect of Ødense is its growth fueled by its accomplishments in robotics. Both local and national authorities have acknowledged this and increased their support for the robotics community and its ecosystem. Witnessing the formation of a technology cluster in real-time is unusual, and this location has achieved just that!

We are looking forward to the next ERF robotics event in 2024, and we hope to see even more innovative and exciting ideas from our robotics community. We anticipate that the event will be bigger and better than ever before, with more attendees, more exhibitors, and more incredible conversations. One thing that’s guaranteed is Shadow Robot showcasing its latest innovations!