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Bionic Man Interview and Rise of the Robots timeline

We were at Comi-Con in New York last week to promote the Incredible Bionic Man that we built earlier this year. Watch the video above to see Rich explaining the project to Mike Gambino from SilverCheeseTV.

The Smithsonian Channel have put together a great interactive timeline entitled Rise of the Robots: A Sci-Fi History of Mechanical Men & Hybrid Humans, which includes our E1 Dexterous hand and the Bionic Man:

“The fascination with pushing our limits is embodied by The Incredible Bionic Man, a remarkable creation featuring cutting-edge components that could have been inspired by some of our favorite sci-fi epics. Explore Hollywood’s visions of the future, discover which have become reality, and predict where bionic technology might be headed next.”

Click the link below to check it out: