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China’s First Care welcomed to Bristol Office

Last week, we were delighted to meet delegates from First Care, a company from China on a mission to the UK. They came along to Future Space, which is where our Bristol Office is based.

First Care is one of the largest community development builders in China. The organisation serves a customer base of over 10 million people, employ some 4000 staff and have a range of business wings that cover the full spectrum of community; living, working, healthcare, education, technology and investment. The purpose of the organisation’s trip to Bristol is to gather knowledge of best practices to import back to China, to engage with as many companies/organisations as possible who have a product/service that enhances their sense of place within the communities they operate, with innovate tech and energy efficiency being at the forefront of their minds. They want to open a strong partnership to allow for the flow and exchange of business.

We really enjoyed the meeting and look forward to speaking with First Care again in the future!