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Invitation to the first Ukrainian ROS Meetup

Anyone who knows Shadow, knows that we’re all about ROS. For those not in the know, ROS means ‘robot operating system’ and is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications. It’s a huge open source community, and we’ve always been proud to be involved with it.

We’ve been really keen to set up a ROS meeting in Ukraine for a while now, and we’re very excited to announce that the first meeting will be held in Lviv on 21st March 2017!

Both ROS enthusiasts and those beginning their journey into ROS are welcome.  To kick-start the meeting, one of our Software Engineers, Andriy Petlovanyy,  will share some insights into the way we use ROS in our applications. Full details here:

Tuesday March 21st 2017 – 6.30pm
Lohika company (2nd floor – Conference hall)
15 Lemkivska Street
Lviv, Ukraine 

So if you have been tinkering with robots using Arduino, Raspberry PI, Odroid or other SoC… if you want to build a tele-operated, semi-autonomous or a fully autonomous robot… if you are curious about how robotics companies are building advanced solutions…then this presentation is for you!

Participation is free, however, please confirm your attendance by registering here. До зустрічі