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Next week in Munich … and Hong Kong …

Shadow are showing the Hand, the “GSC” system, and the production RoNeX hardware at two events next week. Come along and see us!

At Automatica in Munich, Shadow are in the Service Robot exhibition area, Hall A4, stand 235B. The team will be showing how the Hand with “GSC” software can be used for intelligent automatic grasping of unknown objects. We think this is a big deal, as it means that you now have an automatic, open solution for grasping with a fully humanoid robot hand, that can be integrated into any robot platform.

At ICRA 2014 in Hong Kong, Armando and Manos have two different research Hands. One has the full SynTouch BioTac sensor suite, which gives it human-like tactile sensation for perception and handling of objects. The other was developed for Erik Engeberg at Akron, Ohio, and has been used extensively in his brain-computer interface research – which you can see here.

We’re also showing the first RoNeX production hardware. At Automatica we have some sample modules, and at ICRA they will be running demos of the system. Do let us know how you plan to use RoNeX!