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Shadow Builds Bionic Man for Channel 4

Shadow Builds Bionic Man for Channel 4

Yesterday saw the unveiling of a “Bionic Man” showcasing the cutting-edge in prosthetic and organ replacement technologies.

Shadow was the technical consultant for the project, responsible for designing the “Bionic Man” and the integration of parts from high-end manufacturers. The latest vision recognition algorithms from Shadow’s research projects were used, allowing the “Bionic Man” to locate, move to and grasp objects.

Read more about the “Bionic Man” at the TelegraphGuardian,  Wired or watch him on Channel 4 on February 7th.

After the episode is aired the “Bionic Man” will be unveiled as an exhibit at London’s Science Museum.

BBC News interviewed Rich Walker, MD, and Prof Alexander Seifalian on the bionic man – watch the interview here.

(Updated 2013-02-18: “REX” is the name of the exoskeleton produced by REX Bionics Ltd – not the “Bionic Man”)