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Shadow featured in IoTUK Fourth Industrial Revolution Insight Report

Recently we were asked to comment on Industry 4.0 for IoTUK, who have just published their Revolution Insight Report.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR, aka Industry 4.0) is exactly what the name implies: the fourth wave of technology-fuelled change that will revolutionise industry. Like its predecessors, the technological transformation will also usher in social, economic and cultural change. Unlike its predecessors, it will happen pretty quickly.

Our Managing Director, Rich Walker, discusses 4IR in the report: “For SMEs, certainly for us, 4IR gives the opportunity to be part of something huge and exciting. There’s going to be complete change in how manufacturers will work, and we’ve got the chance to influence these changes.”

The report is free to download, so make sure you grab your copy here and have a read, because it’s a fascinating topic – and it’s certainly a topic that will become more prevalent as times goes on.