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Smart Robots for Smart Regions: Why We Collaborate

This week you’ll find our Managing Director, Rich Walker, at the ‘Smart Robots for Smart Regions’ conference in Brussels. The conference is being organised jointly by the European Commission, the Committee of Regions and euRobotics, and takes place on the 10th May 2017.

Smart robots are becoming more and more useful and can greatly help us in our everyday lives, in both private and professional spheres. Europe is a leader in this sector and cannot afford to miss opportunities offered by robotics. Cécile Huet, Deputy Head of Unit Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the European Commission explains “To take full advantage of it, we have to join forces at all levels, from regional to European level! This is why we host a conference to inform the regional authorities how their local economy and society can benefit from the services offered by robotics technologies, and to learn how to make it happen.”

The conference will bring together some of the best experts in Europe to present state of-the-art robotics applications, showcases success stories of some regional initiatives, informs about the funding possibilities and explores ways to join forces with other regions. One additional important objective of the conference is also to make the robotics community meet with their respective local, regional, national authorities, to discuss their local strategy and ecosystems, building on their strength.

Rich Walker said: “Collaboration is a huge part of our work. Most of my job is collaboration – whether that’s simply working with my colleagues to achieve our roadmap, partnering with the best companies to create the best possible product, or liaising with lobbying groups and the government to ensure our industry’s growth. Going to the Smart Robots for Smart Regions event is vital to keep these channels of communication open and hear how we, as a British brand, can take advantage of this.

There is a great need to ensure the voices of SMEs are being heard too. SMEs are the beating heart of robotics; we take risks, we provide research, new ideas – we have a unique vantage point. We may be small by ourselves, but when SMEs come together our voice is loud.”

The Robot Report mentions that “Clusters are organised to bring together and share expertise, funding, leadership, and coaching to help make businesses successful, productive, profitable and employ people from the community. Clusters help stimulate innovation and start-ups, and keep workers and stakeholders informed and happy in, and pleased with, their industry”. We like the sound of that!

If you’re heading to the event, do get in touch with us; it would be great to meet up and discuss these matters further. For more information about the event, visit the Smart Regions with Smart Robots website.