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World MoveIt! Day – Shadow Robot Company & UCL Hackathon

Wednesday 18th October 2017, 11:00 – 18:00 BST

We’re going to be participating in the second World MoveIt! Day on Wednesday 18th October. Last year’s event was a great success, so we jumped at the chance of being involved again.

The event is a day-long international hackathon to improve the MoveIt! codebase, documentation, and community. MoveIt! hope to close as many pull requests and issues as possible and explore new areas of features and improvements for the now five-year-old framework.

We’ll be hosting the event in conjunction with our buddies from UCL, and depending on how many people would like to join us for the event, the hackathon will either be held at our office in Islington or at UCL’s place in Here East (both venues in London). In particular, we’d like to show you a demo of what we’re doing with our hardware, and explain a bit about the system architecture, and work on MoveIt! issues around that.

We’re looking for like-minded folks who have a passion for MoveIt! and want to spend some time focusing on its’ challenges. So, if you fancy heading down to our London for the day and take part in the MoveIt! Hackathon, register your interest on the Eventbrite page. We’re really keen to support such a great event, and want as many people as possible to join us!