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Care at Home Using Intelligent Robotic Omni-Functional Nodes (CHIRON)


CHIRON aimed to design care robotics for the future with a focus on dignity, independence, and choice. We wanted to develop the technologies that help people stay healthier for longer, addressing the challenges of the world’s ageing population, and leading the fight against a range of debilitating conditions. The CHIRON project resulted in a prototype modular robotic system under the brand name of JUVA. JUVA helps with personal hygiene tasks, preparing meals, dressing, and undressing tasks and more so that people can stay at home independently as they age.

Date: 2016-2018

Funded by: Innovate UK (Ref: 971441)

Lead: Designability

Partners: Shadow Robot Company (SRC), Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Three Sisters Care, Telemetry Associates Limited, Smart Homes & Buildings Association


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