Cognitively Enhanced Robot for Flexible Manufacturing of Metal and Composite Parts (COROMA)


COROMA leads to the creation of an intelligent, flexible and a safe robot for the manufacturing of metal and composite parts to help automate labour-intensive work within manufacturing processes and increase the growth of European robotics and manufacturing industry. We develop a modular robotic system that can perform a multitude of different manufacturing tasks in an autonomous way to adapt to the production requirements showcasing how our hardware can apply to real-world manufacturing challenges. The COROHAND used in the project is a low-cost dexterous gripper for robot end-of-arm tool. Today, the COROHAND sits in Shadow’s product offering as the Modular Grasper.

Date: 2016-2019

Funded by: EU-H2020 (Under the Grant Agreement No: 723853)

Lead: Ideko S. Coop. (Spain) (IDK)

Partners: The Shadow Robot Company (Shadow), University of Sheffield (UOS, UK), University of Nantes (UNA, France), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Sweden), German Research center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI, Germany), Staubli Faverges SCA (STA, France), IT+Robotics s.r.l. (ITR, Italy), Convergent Information Technologies Gmbh (CIT, Austria), BA Systemes SAS (BAS, France), Soraluce S.Coop. (SOR, Spain), Europe Technologies SAS (EUT, France), Equipos Nucleares S.S. (ENSA, Spain), Beneteau (BEN, France), Aciturri Metallic Parts S.L.U. (ACI, Spain), German Institute for Standardization (DIN, Germany)