Semi-Autonomous Teleoperation Systems (SAT)


The SAT project creates a simpler and more intuitive teleoperation system compared to current teleoperation technologies that are available today. The aim is to allow humans to work at a higher level by telling the robot system what to do, rather than teaching it how to do it. This adds a layer of intelligence to teleoperation, something lacking in existing systems on the market. Our world-renowned Dexterous Hand is an end-effector on an OC Robotics snake-arm robot. Cambrian Intelligence uses their expertise to create an augmented VR user interface, while UCL installs vision and test the system on their hardware. It was a fantastic opportunity to change the face of teleoperation using our smart robot Hands and smart vision resulting in a safer, more reliable, more cost-effective solution to remote robotics.

Date: 2017-2018

Funded by: Innovate UK (Ref: 102909)

Lead: Shadow Robot Company (SRC)

Partners: OC Robotics (OCR), Cambrian Intelligence (CI), University College London (UCL)