Smart Enabling Robotic Driving Free Form Welding (SERFOW)


The SERFOW project aims to produce a flexible and dynamic free-form welding system that can provide low-cost additive manufacturing support to industries such as aerospace, nuclear and petrochemical industries. The system can identify individual parts using an advanced stereo camera system, which partners with a robotic arm and TIG welding set to produce an intelligent and flexible manufacturing platform. We’ve been working on the development of a system which has the flexibility to build structures using weld filler deposition and to produce mechanical joints between discrete parts. The SERFOW system can integrate with different types of welding technology. It can work on parts of all shape and sizes autonomously – a feat which is beyond that of existing commercially available systems!

Read more in our SERFOW news post.

Date: 2017-2018

Funded by: Innovate UK (Ref: 78014-525149)

Partners: Shadow Robot Company (SRC), University of Sheffield (UoS)