Revolutionise your business with cutting-edge robotics consultancy

Our expert consultants analyze, design, and prototype advanced robotics technologies tailored to your unique innovation challenges – driving you ahead of the competition.

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Solve your challenges with expert robotics consulting.

Leverage our extensive experience in robotics development to overcome your innovation challenges and stay ahead of the competition.

Through a collaborative process, we propose tailored engineering solutions that drive your development forward – bringing your ideas to life from concept to prototype.

Our team’s vast knowledge and expertise enable the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology with the best practices, ultimately creating an atmosphere of innovation to generate groundbreaking prototypes and proofs of concept.

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What our team offers you

Our engineering team have been applying robotics solutions to technical challenges for over two decades.

Through a consultative approach, we define, analyze, and propose tailored engineering solutions.

Thanks to our inhouse lab, we take proof of concepts to prototyping phase in partnership with your team.

We provide full codebase, can design and build prototypes, and document all required aspects of the solution.

Whether for internal or external purposes, we collaborate on creating promotional communication assets throughout the project.

Benefit from our consultative program to rapidly identify what solutions are possible to your challenge and if these are viable

You have access to our expert team of engineers at any required depth of collaboration with your internal teams

We provide all financial modelling and pitching support to help you secure budget and project approval internally

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Our projects

Moley – The World’s First Robotic Kitchen Chef

The highly advanced, fully functional robot, using our Shadow Dexterous Hands, is integrated into a beautifully designed, professional kitchen, and cooks with the skill and flair of a master chef. The robot can do everything from blending all the ingredients & cooking on the hob, to plating up the meal and adding the garnish.

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Our projects

Prof Tickle – The Amorphous Dexterous Snake Arm Robot

This project provides consultancy to the prestigious University College London (UCL) and OC Robotics to create ‘Prof Tickle’ – a heroic snake-arm robot with our Dexterous Hand on the end. Capable of moving into difficult and inaccessible places, the results demonstrate the robot’s ability to perform dexterous tasks across large distances. Why the name? Well, it pays homage to the project’s inspiration Mr Tickle from the Mr Men children’s books. Like the character, the unique robot extends its arms to reach and perform everyday tasks. It’s featured on BBC Earth Lab (03:52-6:18).

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Our projects

How to Build a Bionic Man – Built Exclusively for Channel 4

Conceived as a literal response to the question: how close is bionic technology in catching up with – and even exceeding – the capabilities of the human body? Shadow takes on the role as a technical consultant for the project, responsible for designing the bionic man and the integration of parts from high-end manufacturers. The consultancy project captures immense media attention, later unveiling as an exhibit at London’s Science Museum.

Experience the cutting-edge of robotics innovation with our expert guidance

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